akamike (2007-2010)

DeviantArt - Why do I "fav"?

I've been asked, and sometimes frowned upon, for my habits in mass faving web designs on DA. It's not a major issue but I thought I should address it.

Firstly, I fav because I simply don't have the time to comment on every single one. It's not practical. While I am not a power user of feeds, e-mails and messages, I still have several blogs, podcasts and digg categories feeding into Google Reader that always has something going on, on top of checking through my DA watch list, then any other sites, then e-mail, then MSN and IRC. There is also my family, uni, my own work and then some me time. I am not saying I have more burdens than others, hell if I know about burdens, but things can create a bottle neck sometimes and as I said, it's not practical to comment on something when I can just click a link to show my likeness.

Secondly, I am embarrased of myself. I am not a graphic/web designer, despite my interests in design and HCI. While I do take pride in what I can produce, I do not have the experience or education that is on par with most of the people on my watch list, and thus I feel I do not deserve to comment on their work constructively. Furthermore, I hate just leaving "Hey cool work :D:D:D" because people get that enough already. When I look at a design I will break it down and think about why things are there, but I am not really in a position to say "I think it's a bad idea to put your navigation there...." because there might be a reason for setting things a certain way that I am not aware of. That being said, just because I do actually comment on your design does not mean I think I am better than you (not that anyone has commented on that!), it is just one of those times where I have time and feel I should say something, and if I am wrong then please, correct me!

As I have said before, I try to make up for it by describing my thoughts behind my own work when I put something up. This leads to another reason why I don't comment. If someone is not willing to share their knowledge with others who could learn a thing or two (like myself), why should I spend time pointing out the flaws? Hey, they might even have a reason for something and reply to me, but why couldn't that be explained in the first place? Why should someone have to provoke you into action? This is your work, show how proud you are and how far you have come.

Despite all this, I understand how important constructive comments can be to people, so if you really need opinions then feel free to send me a note on DA or even add me on MSN. If I am on MSN I will give you comments as you work on it, provided you are showing me screenshots of course!