akamike (2007-2010)

Canada Bound

On Monday, 29th June, I will be taking an 11 hour flight out to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. For the next 3 weeks, I will be spending my time between Penticton and Vancouver, on my first trip abroad.

I won't be entirely offline, my hotel will provide Wi-fi access and I'll be bringing my Macbook. The main reason for this is somewhere to unload and upload any photos I take with my new Olympus e420 or any video from my Flip. Of course, whenever I am online I'll update twitter to let anyone interested know what exciting things I have been up to.

I've been really looking forward to this trip, it's my first time abroad and my first time in such a large plane. I've been in a small plane before, but nothing like what I will be flying in and certainly not for that length of time! If anyone has any recommendations for things to do/see in Penticton or Vancouver, feel free to let me know in the comments.