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Xbox 360 Achievements

The 360 has a system know as Gamerscore, a count of the points you have amassed from playing games. Each retail game has at least 1000 possible points, which are assigned by completing achievements, ranging from "Complete on Hard Mode" to "Discover All Secret Areas". Upon completing, you get a little message to congratulate you and the points are added to your account. It's an excellent system but, as rothbart (Sarcastic Gamer) points out, it is not without it's flaws and annoyances.

Achievements & Gamerscore in a Nutshell

Achievements is a wonderful concept that extends game life by providing new challenges for the player. Standard games have you play once, brag about completing the game and then maybe replay it sometime in the future. Achievements make you go back and play again or, in the case of multiplayer, play regularly to rack up points in game. Achievements are specific challenges such as replaying the game on a harder mode, finding in game easter eggs or just putting your skills to the test by taking down enemies in a certain way. These don't just apply to single-player games, a number of achievements are made for multiplayer, from hoarding kills or reaching various rank statuses. Achievements can add so much replay value that it is extremely important for developers to take careful consideration as to what challenges to provide. More on this below.

Gamerscore is tied to your Gamertag, bragging rights for how much you have accomplished over your games. Each achievement adds to this score, from 5 to 150 points per achievement. As I said above, each retail game has a minimum of 1000 achievements, so it's not uncommon to see users with thousands of points in their profile. You can even view and compare their individual games with yours, so you can get right down and see how many points they have gathered from each game.

It should be noted that Gamerscore is not Microsoft Points (used in the marketplace). You cannot buy anything with them, they are purely to show how much of a hardcore gamer you are.

Developers: Please, Choose Your Achievements Carefully!

I don't agree with everything that Rothbart pointed out, however, I will share my feelings on what nags me.

Ok, so I don't have a huge problem with the current achievements. Then again, I only have 8 Xbox 360 games, some of which I have yet to do "achievement runs" on.

Do achievements nag you? Like/dislike the system? Feel free to rant in the comments :)


Andrew Ellis

I honestly don't mind the system and these things don't really bother me that much.

I play for fun and if I unlock an achievement, then awesome! :)

Take for instance Halo 3 and the "Collect 'insert skill name'" achievement. I guess you can only get those buy playing online co-op with friends on legendary. I wont go out of my way to actually get them, but if some buddies are up for some Legendary play have the skulls option turned on, then cool beans :)

It's a good system to show what you have done, but you shouldn't go out of your way to get every achievement known to man ;) My GS is at 6,105 last I checked, but I've been playing since the Xbox 360 came out; and at a casual pace as well.


Haha, don't get me wrong, I am a casual gamer too, but sometimes I like to set myself challenges to get certain achievements. I just found rothbart's post interesting because I do feel a little frustrated when I see achievements listed that are just a bit ridiculous.

Also, I don't think I have your Gamertag, so add Mikekuul next time you're on :)