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World of Warcraft Expansion Rant

Blizzard announced Wrath of the Lich King and as a casual WoW player I thought I would share my thoughts on both expansions.

I've already spoken to a few people about it on MSN, and they'll know that I am not that impressed by what's been announced so far. I'll say again that I am a casual player, which is my excuse for not being past level 42.

I don't know what the end-game stuff is like, I assume it's just a lot of PvP once you are bored of trying all the classes and races. The Burning Crusade was nice, it added two new races and some new places, but for the low levels there wasn't much going. Now, I don't mean people just starting out in WoW, because they won't really care that once your draenei hits level 20 you end up in Night Elf land, but for players who have played through everything and wanted something new, it's a bit disappointing that their new characters are just the same as before until they get up to level 70, again.

Now, I understand that the expansions are supposed to cater to the high levels, giving them something more to do for a while. In BC they could grind up to 70, get their flying mount, then it's back to the usual PvP. Wouldn't it be better to add much more content, like a whole new continent with a couple of new races and classes, so that you play through the entire game with a new path. At least, that is what would appeal to me.

The biggest things being added, that I can read into at the moment, are the new high level areas and the new high level Hero class. While I like the idea of Hero classes, I feel that making a new character that starts at 55-70 is not what I would expect. As I said before, a whole new place to explore for the whole game would appeal to me, and even branching off from your original class (Warrior to Knight or Barbarian, something like that) to explore the new high level land would interest me. But remaking a character that is high level already, I assume because they don't want to add a whole new area for playing through, just doesn't appeal to me at all. I would want to go back to the beginning, a new story for my character, in a new place so that I can find my way in these new concepts and lands.

I don't know, I just wanted to rant because I personally feel a little underwhelmed by the expansions. If someone who has (or used to have) a high level character in WoW can explain it from their point of view then please, go ahead. Should I be excited by what is to come when I, eventually, get to the peak level or do you feel the same?

Author's Note: Yes, my highest level character was level 42. I ended up not playing for a while, then I just sold off my items and started again. Elarion is currently a level 17 Human Paladin over on Boulderfist (EU). I am a slow/casual player so whisper me a hello sometime if you want to talk or something.

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Joana Guide

You will realize the fun and adventures once you get to level 60... beware it can be addictive there till you reach 70 and the Wrath of the Lich King can be infectious...