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Werewolf - Join the hunt

Trihan, over at GamingW, scripted an IRC bot for the text game Werewolf. If you already have a client, jump over to irc.whahay.net and join #werewolf (or even stop by #akamike). We also have a special day on Wednesday (20/06/07), but that doesn't mean you shouldn't visit any other day! Read on for the basic game rules, as well as some resources on IRC.

The Game

Werewolf is based on the popular psychological game, Mafia. The game is set in a village inhabited by the players. The players will either be human, with varying roles, or wolves, also with varying roles. The game goes through each night and each day, Night 0 being first (Seer only, see below for role description). Each night, except Night 0, the wolves may opt to kill one individual, as well as allowing other night roles to play (Seer, Investigator, Assassin, Guardian, Survivalist). No one can talk during the night within the main channel. During the day, players are free to talk and discuss the previous night, as well as vote on who to lynch that day. Players can abstain from the lynching, as well as carry out day-roles such as Hypnotist, Rogue, Warrior, Desperado and Magistrate.

The game continues until the number of wolves is equal to the number of humans, or until all the wolves have been killed off.

The Roles

As humans, the villagers may be randomly selected for one of the following roles at the start of the round:

It is also possible for each human to be given one of these extra roles, on top of their other role:

The wolves may also be given a random role to aid in their feasting:

Make sure you use your roles wisely, and maybe even fool others into thinking you're something else!

The Commands

Here is a collection of basic commands that will help you get by in the game, stated in #werewolf:

Join a game or start a new one:
/me play

Check the details and commands for a specified role:
/msg Gamebot info [role]

Vote to lynch a chosen player:
/me lynch [player]


Abstain from lynching:
/me lynch abstain

IRC Help

Don't know what IRC is? Need some client suggestions? Not sure on how to connect? This section is how to use IRC. A better guide can be found on the GW forums in the IRC Master Post, but if you have a rough idea of what I mean then this may be enough.

Internet Relay Chat, or IRC, is the chat service running the internet that most chat services run on. There are servers that you connect to, which can house several channels and users. You can join these channels, prefixed by a #, or private message (PM or Query) individuals.

First, you need an IRC client. I suggest mIRC as it is very easy to use with many options for customization through scripting. Once you have installed and set up mIRC to your preference (have a look around the options to set your name, font, etc) and maybe even checked the Intro to IRC page, here's a few commands to get you started from a empty screen, to #werewolf.

Join a server, irc.whahay.net used as an example:
/server irc.whahay.net

Set your screen name:
/nick [name]

Join a channel, #werewolf used as an example
/join #werewolf

Quit the server and all channels
/quit [Optional leaving message]

There you have it, an introduction to IRC and the text game #werewolf. Other channels you may be interested in on your visit are #GamingW - the main IRC channel for Whahay, #akamike - A channel I have set up for akamike visitors, #music - Music discussion channel and #Help - The general help channel for Whahay IRC.

Hope to see you there, I look forward to playing with your minds. Mwahahaha!



i remember when about 50 of us played this, and to convince everyone i wasn't a wolf i had to assassinate someone so i picked neogear out of the blue. turns out he was a wolf :D


Yeah, the game is full of nice little twists like that. ;)