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I Bought a DS!

On Thursday, after work, I met up with Sash to travel back home together. On impulse, we stopped by GAME and picked up a White DS Lite and Pokemon Diamond. Finally, a new toy to play with!

This isn't our first DS. I bought Sash a Pink DS Lite for her birthday last year and she loves it. Recently I got into playing The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and Puzzle Quest on it, and wanted my own.

Ok ok, so it wasn't ENTIRELY an impulse buy. I have been looking at bundles and deals for a while now, but nothing has been interesting. It seems most deals now are basic, coming with either a brain training clone or some accessory pack. This is disappointing considering I have previously seen deals with Pokemon and Mario, which would have been perfect for me.

I went with White as I thought it was the best colour out of what's on offer in the UK (White, Silver, Pink and Black). I am really keen on the Crimson and Black style but that is America/Canada only. The only new colours we'll be getting soon are Dark Red, Turquoise and Lime Green.

Since Sash already owns Pokemon Pearl, I went for Diamond. I love the Pokemon games, though I have to say that nothing interesting has been added to the basic concept. Since the original Red/Blue, the only new elements added to battle are holdable items and double battles. Everything else, like berry planting, contests, running shoes and poketech don't add anything to the core gameplay. Just a bunch of extra nonsense that you don't even need to pay attention to in order to play through the game.

That said, it's still enjoyable and I'm going to play through it. I can't resist!

Earlier today I picked up (New) Super Mario Bros which is awesome. Good fun and the minigames are awesome too.

I would like to get Super Mario 64 DS, Advance Wars: Dark Conflict, any Bomberman game and Harvest Moon. Here is the full list of the games Sash and I own:

Does anyone have any further recommendations? :)

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Get Guitar Hero on Tour.

I don't know if it's any good, which is why i want you to get it first :D