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How to Kill A Brand

I know I try to avoid doing video and image posts, but this is just too good to leave out. The guys over at Sarcastic Gamer have released another video, "How to Kill A Brand", a satire of Sony and the PS3. It's awesome, really well made. Click the link to check it out, or read on for an embed.

Note: The song is quite old, so some of the issues poked at in the song will be outdated.

Don't forget to check out their other videos: Halo 3 Hoedown, Wii Fit Parody and Microsoft Surface Parody, which are all excellent.



I love the original version of this song! I'm really not a fan of this guys singing though haha.


Haha, it's not too bad. I actually have no idea where the original song is from, though it sounds familiar for some reason.


Lol. Quite a funny song. The singing sounds a bit like Weird Al Yankovic.