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CoD4 Respawn = Crap

For x-mas last year I received Call of Duty 4 for the Xbox 360, and since then I have completely the game several times over, gotten all the achievements and I am now playing through prestige mode in multiplayer. I love this game, I enjoy playing it almost as much as I enjoy playing CS:S. But I have a problem with multiplayer respawn: it SUCKS.

I'm not the only one to think this, so frequently do I find myself respawning in the path of someone's fire, in the middle of a group of enemies or finding enemies respawning literally right behind me! As someone said in that thread, sometimes you'll get killed by an air strike's first wave (out of three), only to respawn and be killed by the third.

Now I can take getting owned. If a team is cleverly wiping us out with tactics and skill then that's fine by me! "Fair play to you, next map please". But if I am getting killed 3 times in a row because of absolutely awful spawning, I am going to bitch and moan about it until my girlfriend gets sick of it. I've said before that my game whines are usually down to my own lack of skill, but there is no interaction involved in going from dead -> respawn -> instantly dead (apart from pressing X, but that's just to end the killcam early).

I don't dispute that the game does TRY to respawn you randomly in the safest location (near your team usually), it does work most of the time and we can all play happily. It just needs to be that extra bit smarter. If the enemy team is throwing a hail of grenades at a location, don't spawn there. If someone is running towards the location, don't spawn there. If my team is all crouched down behind a building while the enemy sprays RPD fire at the corner, don't spawn me at the corner. It can't be that difficult to make it a bit smarter, plenty of other games do it just fine.

Do any of my readers play this (360, PS3 or PC) and have noticed this problem? Is it as bad on the other systems as it is on the 360? Share your thoughts in the comments.



Yeh I must agree. I've got the PC version but its the same. Most of the time spawning is fine but every so often I spawn "behind enemy lines" as it were, or in the middle of a firefight. Work needed.


Good to know it's not a 360 only thing, maybe it will help draw more attention to the problem and get it fixed.


the game just involves spawn raping the opposite team until the timer runs out, i play about 40 diff servers a day because i get spawn killed to the point of insanity.


Well that's only the case for match types like domination. In Team Battle the spawns will move round the map, so you'd have to be pretty fast to constantly spawn kill ;)


that is only on small maps like shipment,showdown or vacant. Also only on games like Ground War and Domination. I find that cod4 is a good game for not dying as soon as you spawn :p


Those are the two game modes I play most :) I do agree that it doesn't seem to happen as much in smaller matches, which I can understand, I just wish it didn't happen as frequently as it does on the big matches!


This sort of bug should have been fixed. Hasn't their been a patch or something to fix this for the PC version?

I have never played COD4 before. Although I will most probably be buying it soon since my isp has set up a free server for it. :)


I'm not sure about a PC patch, I only have it on the 360. It would be great if they sorted it though!