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Beyond Good & Evil 2 Teaser Trailer

At last we have a teaser trailer for Beyond Good & Evil 2! After playing the excellent original on the PS2 I have been waiting for the sequel to surface. As Xbox 360 Fanboy reports, a teaser trailer has been released by Ubisoft which shows Pey'j and a glimpse of Jade waiting next to a broken down car. Embed and thoughts below.

I absolutely loved the original BG&E, and was disappointed when I first heard that there was going to be no sequel. Lack of publicity made the game a hidden gem in a vast library of gaming rubbish, loved by those who played it. It's great to read that a sequel is finally in development, the teaser has excited me and I can't wait for more news.

Also, as someone mentioned in the comments on the X3F post, it would be awesome if BG&E was released on Xbox Originals so more people had a chance to play the masterpiece before 2 is released.

Is anyone else excited about this news?



Excited doesn't quite cover it. ;)

Finally some official statement. Finally the game's coming.

I'm worried though, all the forums I'm on have threads about it, but none had that much interest. The first one sold bad and if there's not much interest for this one they might cancel it.

Releasing it on Xbox Originals would be a great idea, it's the perfect game for it.


I really hope they don't cancel it. Hopefully gaming blogs will spread the word, and if they did release it on Xbox Originals it would definitely increase the awareness. Fingers crossed...