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Can't Think of Name for Food Blog

As I've mentioned a couple of times in the past, I would like to start a food blog. It would be a mix of reviews, recipes and general tips, then maybe even evolve into a community or podcast. The problem is I can't quite think of a name!

I've been using Bust-a-Name, an awesome tool that takes in keywords and spits out available domain name suggestions, but so far nothing has really stood out. I've managed to get three OK ones, though I haven't registered them yet since I don't think they have a nice enough ring to them.

Basically, if anyone has any suggestions for domains that are available or any keywords that aren't immediately obvious (food, eat, ate, bite, cook...) then please give me a hand :) As far as TLD/extensions go, I'm only looking for .com or .net though I am open to domain hacks if they look good ;)

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How about The Food Blog...
or Flog...
or Flogging Mike...